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Admissions & Referrals

The admissions process for all inpatients at RHRI begins with a referral. A referral may be initiated by multiple parties the patient, the patient's family members, physician, case manager, or the insurance company.

Most inpatients are admitted to RHRI from an acute care hospital. The discharge planner at the acute facility will work with the patient, family and the treatment team to determine the appropriate discharge plan for the patient. Every patient has the right to be referred to his or her facility of choice. A patient or family member may inquire about RHRI based on geographic location or reputation. If you wish to be considered for admission to RHRI, notify the discharge planner from the acute care hospital, who will then contact us. A representative of the facility must formally make a referral to RHRI to initiate an evaluation.

Sometimes patients are referred to RHRI from other types of facilities or from home. Individuals who are losing their ability to perform daily activities due to a number of issues may be candidates for admission. A medical professional familiar with our programs and services may suggest RHRI based on the patient's medical needs, or a family member may inquire about the appropriateness of admission. If you are having difficulty obtaining a referral to RHRI, or if you have questions about your eligibility for admission, please contact us at 401-766-0800, Ext. 5284. One of our admissions coordinators will help you understand your rights and facilitate communication with your insurer and/or physician.

RHRI is licensed as an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF), commonly known as an acute rehabilitation hospital. While many facilities offer rehabilitation, only inpatient rehab facilities offer the highest level of rehabilitation and a multidisciplinary approach.

To be considered for admission all patients must meet the following criteria at the time of the referral/evaluation:

  • Need 24-hour physician intervention and nursing care
  • Ability and willingness to participate in three hours of therapy over the course of an eight-hour day, five times per week. Therapy includes physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
  • Expected to exhibit significant progress within a reasonable amount of time

Once a referral is made, the following process will occur:

  • A Rehab Liaison Nurse from RHRI will visit the patient to conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine if the patient meets the criteria listed above for acute rehabilitation. The screening includes a comprehensive chart review, discussions with case management and the patient's acute care treatment team, and meeting with the patient and/or family to address pertinent information, concerns, and questions.
  • Once it is determined that a patient meets the admissions criteria, the Admitting Office will verify insurance coverage and, if necessary, attempt to obtain prior authorization from the insurance company.
  • The next available (appropriate) bed is offered to the patient. Often, this process may occur within hours, but may be extended if we are awaiting authorization from the insurance company.

If the patient does not meet acute rehab admission criteria and/or is denied pre-authorization from their insurance company, an explanation will be provided to the patient and other parties involved in the referral process. In most situations, an alternative post-acute rehabilitation level of care is more appropriate and will be recommended.

If you have any questions about referrals or admissions, please contact our admissions office at 401-766-0800, Ext. 5284.