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Inpatient Services

Our goal in acute rehabilitation is to help every patient become as independent as possible so that they can get back to the activities of daily living. After treatment, the majority of our patients are able to return to their daily routines. When regaining all former functionality is not possible, we help patients achieve their maximum potential. Working together with our patients, we help rebuild lives.

At RHRI, treating patients is a group effort. Our interdisciplinary team, which includes physicians, therapists, nurses, social workers and other support personnel, are skilled experts in their respective fields. But the most important part of our team is you - the patient. Our staff works with each patient individually to develop personalized treatment plans with specific goals and objectives. We provide our patients with a safe, structured environment, and work with them to improve cognition, physical endurance, independence and confidence.

Remarkable recoveries happen every day at RHRI. Since 1994, thousands of patients have turned to RHRI for help in their recovery, often with dramatic results. To learn more about how we can help you, please consult with your referring physician or call RHRI's inpatient services at 401-766-0800, Ext. 5284.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs

NEUROREHABILITATION helps patients with traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, stroke and other neurological disorders.

STROKE RECOVERY helps patients regain or improve lost or damaged brain functions and deal with a wide range of issues so that they may return to the activities of daily living with as much independence as possible.

BRAIN INJURY REHABILITATION helps maximize the patient's level of functioning so that the patient can return to family life and/or the workplace with as much independence as possible.

SPINAL CORD REHABILITATION helps patients build physical health and adapt to life after a spinal cord injury. We also provide social support to help patients deal with the psychological effects of trauma.

AMPUTEE REHABILITATION helps patients choose the most appropriate course of treatment, prosthetic device and therapy option to gain maximum mobility and function.

PULMONARY REHABILITATION helps patients with chronic pulmonary disease, respiratory dysfunction following a spinal cord injury, hypoventilation syndromes or neuromuscular disease maximize their level of independence. We also specialize in assisting patients with ventilator weaning.

ORTHOPEDIC REHABILITATION helps patients with fractures and multiple traumas maximize their strength and mobility and decrease their pain or discomfort.